Mast climb and abseil from the iconic HMS Warrior in Portsmouth proved to be a winning combination.

HMS Warrior Challenge 2012

Following on from the 2012 HMS Victory mast climb at the London boat Show Bell Rigging and Rock and Ice worked together to provide a  safe and exciting challenge that involved climbing 100 vertical feet up 2 sets of traditional rigging then descending by abseil from the fighting deck on the Warrior.


25 lucky people  had this opportunity to climb on this iconic ship and raise funds for several charities that included Team Jackie raising funds for Breast Cancer Care and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and Harris HospisCare with St Christopher's.


The weather held out but was quite windy with the odd light shower at times which made the event all the more challenging.

All participants were successful ( some were quite emotional too) and well deserved the generous round of applause each time they landed safely on HMS Warriors deck.

We all finished off with a dinner of bangers and mash which went down a treat.

Well done guys!

Climber and Rock and Ice instructor Will Caesar outlined in red circles.

Rock and Ice Instructor Will Caesar climbing the rigging to the fighting deck.
Pictures taken by Richard Hogan.