Popular questions and answers

  1. Have you got pictures we can use for promotional flyers etc? Yes
    please ask us for details.
  2. Do you give certificates for successful participants? We
    have a template for your use, please use this one if required.
  3. Are Rock and Ice staff first aid trained? Yes.
  4. Do we need St Johns or the Red Cross there on standby? No
    our instructors are trained first aiders.
  5. Is your equipment regularly inspected? We regularly
    inspect and safety check all equipment and ropes, these are often replaced on an annual basis.
  6. Do you have a child protection policy? Yes we have
    a vulnerable adult and child protection policy in place as defined by
    the AMI code of practice.
  7. Do you provide scaffolding? No - Scaffolding is arranged
    at extra cost if required. This will be supplied and installed by a third
    party. We can advise on this and it's included in our risk assessments.
  8. Do you have testimonials from previous events? Yes
    we have lots of great feedback and testimonials for you to see on request.
  9. Do you have copies of qualifications and insurance? Yes
    we send these out on request, most usually with the risk assessment. You can also see our AMI and AALS logos above which clearly certify our competance and experience.
  10. Do you provide a method statement? Yes we do - with
    each risk assessment.
  11. Have you any tips for anxious or scared abseilers? See
  12. Do you have consent form for minors / participants? Yes we do see
    here to download one
  13. Do we need to tell the fire brigade about the abseil? No
    Rock and Ice staff are senior instructors trained in rescue practices
    in case something goes wrong. You don't need the fire brigade on stand
  14. Do we need to tell the police about the abseil? We
    recommend having a police presence only on some events in high risk areas, they are usually pleased
    to attend and deal with any unforeseen circumstances. You would normally know if they are required.
  15. How long will it take for people to abseil down the building? How long is a piece of string? This
    depends on the height and the type of structure, it can vary from 5 min's to 15mins on average. We
    will advise after the risk assessment and initial site survey as each venue differs.
  16. What if the charity abseilers are disabled or have serious health problems? This shouldn't cause a problem if we are informed before
    the event - we will advise in all cases.
  17. How strong are the ropes? They each hold nearly 3
    tonne - they do not snap under bodyweight.
  18. Do we need to book all the instructors in before we get the participants? No we prefer you to call us when you
    have reached certain numbers so you don't overbook our services.
  19. Would you do our charity abseil event for free? No
    we provide a high quality service that facilitates these events, we have to charge a
    fee to ensure our time is covered in all cases, insurance provided and specialist equipment is renewed etc.
  20. How far would you travel to run an event? Distance
    is no problem.
  21. Have you ever had a serious accident or a fatality on a abseil event? Never!
  22. How many is the minimum for an abseil event? 1 person
    - you would come to us usually.
  23. What is the longest abseil you have ever done? 1000m
    on the Piz Badile in the Swiss alps
  24. Do you have any information on the origins of abseiling?
    look here:
  25. Why do people seek heights for exitement? See this > Seeking
    the top tree
  26. Can I have some private abseil tuition beforehand? Yes you can, go here
    for more information: www.rockandice.net
  27. Would you work abroad? Yes we will travel as and where, when required.
  28. Is abseiling for charity popular in the United States of America? Seems
  29. Do we need to pay in advance? Yes - see our terms and conditions.
  30. Do we get a discount if we book you for more than one day? Yes ( please
    ask) Laughing
  31. Do you take credit/debit card payments over the phone? Yes we do.
  32. Do you provide the venue? We can advise, locally yes, in cities you may have to locate your own buildings. Currently we have locations in Portsmouth, North Wales, Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Manchester, Carlisle and Newcastle - we also have a mobile abseil tower for hire. We are always on the lookout for new venues to abseil from.