Rock and Ice work with a variety of organisations from charities to film crews, here are some examples of what can be achieved by working with us and using our expertise.

Below are Rock and Ice instructors Richard Hogan and Samir Durrani working on the 2010 Ford S-Max Advert.

This was released in Magazines and on Tv during 2010.

Groundbreaking new advertising projects followed on from this for Ford, see here

Ford partnered agencies Ogilvy & Mather and Seeper, interactive
arts and technology experts, to launch a multi-media experience which
took place at Senate House in Russell Square, London, and at the
Ventilation Building in Georges Dock, Liverpool two days later.


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Rock and Ice were asked to provide abseil stunts to help launch the new James Bond book.
Several Borders bookstores had events on the 31st of May 2009 which included our staff abseiling in Tuxedos to promote this brand new book.

This is the first book to be released (by a mystery author) since the original author Ian Fleming died.