You can promote your charity abseil event right here

We have been asked many times to add this feature by the public and here it is!

Notice the neat Upcoming Events Calender (top right)  it allows you to add your events and enter detailed information about the event such as location, start times contact numbers etc.
(You need to be a customer of ours and have had your event approved of course)

When an event is open to the public they will hear about it and could join your charity / fund-raising event right from this website.

You can also post articles and news in this format and let the public and charity sector see how much your event makes and how it went when you open an account with us.

We have also provided a search form for ease of use too.

If you wish to add your event to the calender, please contact Richard Hogan on 07740 302131 to open a customer account.

Google will automatically list the event on the web search index.

We intend to make fund-raising with our company competitive and fun with a view to raising as much for charitable funds as we can.






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